Electrical and Computer Engineering Diploma (MEng)

School of Electrical and Computer Engineering

National Technical University of Athens


Here is a summary of my diploma and the courses that I have taken during my studies at School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of National Technical University of Athens. This is a 5 year master-equivalent degree with 10 semesters. Up to 5th semester the curriculum was the same for all students (minor changes for a few optional courses). At 6th semester each student had to choose four (2-full plus 2-half) or three (3-full) flows of specialization. My fields of choice were S: Signals, Automatic Control and Robotics (full), Y: Computing Systems (full), H: Electronics, Circuits, Materials (half), I: Bioengineering (half).

List of courses as also my Diploma Thesis (course description link here).

Mathematical Analysis I (Functions of one variable), Linear Algebra, Physics I (Mechanics), Computer Programming, Electrical Design, History of Scientific and Philosophical Ideas, Mathematical Analysis II (Functions of Several Variables and Vector Analysis), Physics II (Electromagnetism), Electric Circuits AnalysisLogic Design of Digital Systems, Programming TechniquesIntroduction to Materials, Political Economy, Ordinary Differential Equations, Physics III (Waves and Quantum Physics)Electronic MaterialsNumerical AnalysisProbability Theory and StatisticsElectric Measurements (classic), Mechanics (Kinematics and Dynamics of Rigid Bodies), Complex Analysis and Partial Differential EquationsSignals and SystemsElectronics IIntroduction to Computer ScienceIntroduction to TelecommunicationsElectromagnetic Fields I, Electric Measurements (Electronic and Digital)English TerminologyElectromagnetic Fields IICircuits TheoryLaboratory and Industrial ElectronicsComputer ArchitectureIntroduction to Automatic ControlIntroduction to Electric Energy Systems, Stochastic Systems and CommunicationsMicroprocessor SystemsDigital Systems LaboratoryElectronics II, Control Systems DesignDigital Signal ProcessingIntroduction to Bioengineering and Applied BiophysicsOperating SystemsMicroprocessors Laboratory, Image and Video Analysis and TechnologyArtificial Intelligence, Introduction to VLSI Systems Design, Advanced Methods for Control SystemsRobotics I (Analysis, Control, Laboratory), Measurements and Control in Biomedical EngineeringIntroduction to Biomedical Engineering (Biological Signal Analysis and Processing)Advanced Topics in Computer ArchitectureDesign of Analogue Electronic Systems, Sensors and Microsystems TechnologyComputer VisionRobotics II (Intelligent Robotic Systems)Medical Imaging and Digital Image ProcessingBiomedical Technology LaboratoryNeural Networks and Intelligent SystemsPattern RecognitionPhysiological Systems Modelling (Simulation and Control).

Diploma Thesis: Adaptive reinforcement learning for developing robotic skills in dynamically changing environments (pdf in Greek)