Professional Education, Certifications, Specializations and Additional Courses

I have attended and continue to attend courses and specializations offered from top-level universities and/or industry (e.g. IBM) through online platforms. Some courses may be as intense as on-campus courses (duration: 12 weeks, workload: 15 hours per week) while others may be fast track, industry oriented and skill based courses (usually 4 weeks, 5-6 hours per week). I can provide full details for each course and specialization (coursework, weeks, syllabus), as also guidance.

Degrees and Specializations
Specialization in Deep Learning,
Specialization in Robotics, University of Pennsylvania
Deep Learning Nanodegree, Udacity

Individual courses related to my fields of interest
Underactuated Robotics,  MIT, 92%
Autonomous Navigation for Flying Robots, TUM, 100%
Sparse Representations in Signal and Image Processing: Fundamentals,  The Technion, 95%
Neural Networks and Deep Learning,, 100%
Improving Deep Neural Networks,, 100%
Structuring Machine Learning Projects,, 96.7%
Convolutional Neural Networks,, 98.4%
Sequence Models,, 100%
Probabilistic Graphical Models 1: Representation, Stanford University, 92.7%
Artificial Intelligence, UC Berkeley,, 86% (letter)
Robotics: Capstone Project, University of Pennsylvania
Aerial Robotics, University of Pennsylvania, 100%
Robotics: Perception, University of Pennsylvania, 100%
Robotics: Estimation and Learning, University of Pennsylvania, 100%
Robotics: Computational Motion Planning, University of Pennsylvania, 100%
Robotics: Mobility, University of Pennsylvania, 100%
Machine Learning, Stanford University, 100%
Control of Mobile Robots, Georgia Tech, 100%
Synapses Neurons and Brains, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 100%
Databases and SQL for Data Science, IBM,, 100% (IBM Badge)
Fundamentals of Scalable Data Science, IBM,, 100% (IBM Badge)
Advanced Machine Learning and Signal Processing, IBM,, 100% (IBM Badge)
Applied AI with DeepLearning, IBM,, 99.8% (IBM Badge)

Courses of general interest and background strengthening
Electricity and Magnetism, MIT, 100%
Circuits and Electronics, MIT, 99%
Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python, Rice University, 100%
Bioelectricity, Duke University, 99.5%
Mathematical Biostatistics Bootcamp I, Johns Hopkins University, 100%
Introduction to Genetics and Evolution, Duke University, 96.6%
Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Computation, UC Berkeley, 100%